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After 30 years in the remodeling business, if there is one thing that Eddie has learned, it is to appreciate a well-designed project. But what, exactly, does that mean? A great design for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. And, so it goes with kitchens. Just as every house is different, everyone uses their kitchen differently. Our professional designers will get to know you, and how you live. That is truly the best way to get a kitchen that works for you!

There is much to consider when designing a kitchen that works for you. Who is primary cook? Do you cook alone or are there more people that cook? Do your kids cook? Are you left handed? How tall are you? What type of cooking do you do? How often do you entertain? Do you shop at warehouse stores? Or are you someone who likes to hide Christmas presents in your oven?

No matter how you use your kitchen, we want to help you build a kitchen that works well, feels right, and looks great. It all starts with great design. We start with function, and finish with form. Eddie believes “a kitchen has to work well first, then, we will make it pretty”. Click on the Process link to get started.

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  • Hi Terri, I received my Miele rebate check in the mail today!  Thanks so much! You have been great to work with and have won my business. I will I be happy to recommend you to my friends.     - Gayle G.
  • I want to emphasize how good Stephanie and Keith are. They were both creative, attentive and personable. They coordinated their efforts consistently and effectively. They're both very good at their jobs. - John L.
  • Good morning Leslie....I just wanted to thank you again for going the distance with me yesterday. I'm really happy with the choices. - Jenny B.
  • Hi Leslie, I had fun yesterday, we made great progress!! We appreciate how simple you have made this process for us. The more I look at the kitchen design, the more I like it. - Deanna R.
  • Eddie you and your team have been excellent.  Leslie is amazing and is able to deal with both the personal and business side of things. Not to mention juggling my family while completing this project. - Gwen J.
  • My kitchen has been transformed from a dark and dingy room…into the bright and cheerful heart of the home.  I enjoy cooking so much more and guests spend most of their time hanging out in the kitchen because it is so warm and welcoming. - Beth M.